Our Services

Harris Tobias services numerous markets with a wide range of products. Below is an outline of some of the markets and products that we can offer.

If you do have a specific requirement please do not hesitate to contact us as the list below is by no means exhaustive.

Animal Feed Markets

We currently supply numerous products direct to farm and also to feed blenders / compounders. These materials include both blends and straights for all animal feed markets – Dairy, Poultry, Equine, Porcine.

Products that we supply include (not an exhaustive list):

• Soya Bean Oil
• Rape seed Oil
• Sunflower Oil
• Palm Oil

• Palm Fatty Acid Oil (PFAD)
• Soya Acid Oil
• Rape Acid Oil
• Refined Vegetable Oils

• Crude Glycerin
• Factory Vegetable Oils

We are also able to supply materials that are blended and ready for use to customer specification. An example of this is a high C18:2 blend for Poultry diets or a C16 lend for dairy diets. All feedingstuffs are compliant with EU 225/2012 and are therefore dioxin tested.

Materials can also be provided under either the GMP (Dutch) feed standard or the UK FEMAS standard. Harris Tobias hold the Coceral GTP trading standard which allows us to supply on the basis of a full chain of custody. All deliveries are made by approved hauliers who also hold the relevant standards.

Petfeed Markets

We also supply materials into a number of Pet feed producers, these products are not only oils & fats but also proteins.

Materials include:

• Poultry Oil
• Tallow

• Vegetable Oils
• Poultry Meat Meal

• Meat & Bone Meat
• Vegetable Proteins

Oleochemical Markets

Oleochemical are chemicals that are derived from plant and animal fats. The UK now has a limited Oleochemical market so most raw materials are exported to Northern Europe.

We supply various animal fats into these markets that include:

• Category 3 Beef Tallow max 5% FFA
• Category 3 Bone Fat max 5% FFA

• Category 3 max 15% FFA
• Category 3 max 2% FFA

Energy Markets

Energy markets include both the generation of power directly into the National grid as well as the production of bio-diesel for use as a road fuel. Both markets use similar ‘waste’ products in order to generate ‘Green’ energy.

The products that are used are:

• Used Cooking Oils

• Animal Fats

Harris Tobias is an ISCC EU accredited company, we therefore comply with all the requirements to be able to supply these materials under the sustainability criteria. We are also able to source and home by-products from these energy markets which include products such as:

• Glycerin – technical & feed grade

• Oleins

• Soapstock

Alternative Fertilizers

Through our recycling and re-use part of the business we have found that there are materials produced from a range of industrial activities that can be used as ‘alternative fertiliser’.

Examples of some of the materials that we have managed to put to re-use rather than disposal include:

• Lime
• Sodalime
• Power Station Ash

• Cured urea formaldehyde resins (crushed toilet seats, electrical sockets and switches etc!)

• Phosphoric Acid
• Sulphuric Acid

Food Waste Management and Secure Destruction

Over the past 10 years we have been working with major blue chip food manufacturers in order to find alternative to landfill routes for food waste material that is produced. This could be the result of a quality issue or even goods that have passed there sell by date. We take material from both distribution centres as well as direct from the factory. Depending on the type of product and its packaging, which could be fully retailed packed material or bulk material directly from factory production lines, we look to find the most cost effective outlet.

This could be:

• Composting
• Anaerobic Digestion

• Oil Recovery
• Animal Feed

Some of the products that we have successfully diverted from landfill are:

• Creams
• Yoghurts
• Mayonnaise

• Pasta
• Pastry
• Margarines

Our secure destruction services have also extended beyond food waste over the past couple of years as we have also found alternative uses for materials such as:

• Hand wash
• Soap powder

• Fabric softener
• Bleaches

If you do have any further queries with regards to anything mentioned above please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss possibilities with you in greater detail.