Market Sectors

Anaerobic Digestion

The process of anaerobic digestion is a sustainable process of recycling large amounts of food and animal waste, which is backed by local, national and government regulated bodies.


Used cooking oil alongside other waste and resides today are primary feedstock for biofuel around the world.

Animal Feed

Fat is one of the essential nutrients in diets and, like other nutrients such as protein, fibre, starch and sugar, must be balanced in a ration to ensure optimum performance.


Harris Tobias handles a full range of all the most important ingredients for pet food. We specialise in animal proteins and animal fats.


We are suppliers of KalFos which is a unique, spreadable renewable fertiliser that is rich in key nutrients. It contains high amounts of calcium and phosphate, which help improve soil fertility and plant nutrient levels, making it an effective replacement to expensive, manufactured fertilisers.